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Frequently  Asked  Q​uestions

How much are they?

Prices v​ary a lot.

An average Dragon of 18" x 20" would be in region of around £105 GBP or less.

A larger 4' piece with Dragons could be between £800 to £1400 GBP depending on details such as lights, crystals, or more.

Larger carvings can be up to £2000. It is best to contact me with your ideas.

Do you do commissions?

Not usually but I can compromise on carvings. If you would like me to incorporate different elements we could work out a solution.

Best to contact me to discuss.

How big can you make it?

The sky's the limit :)

How long will it take?

If you require a non stocked item the waiting time will be quoted on contact dependable on waiting list. Please ask what current waiting time is.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes but there are limitations such as I won't ship large pieces of mirror or fragile crystals. You will get fixings attached with full details of sizes to get cut which is cheap and easy to fit. This saves on possible damage en route to you. You are responsible for any customs tax or import duty.

How much is postage?

Uk postage is included on items.

Overseas shipping is quoted on ordering subject to cheapest quote found at time.

Do you show or sell your pieces at events?

Yes, events and dates will be added post pandemic.

Not sure what you want?

No problem, simply tell me what you like, tell me the size required, budget you'd like to spend.

We can then work out a magical compromise on your favourite piece.